Part of the Northwood University - Michigan campus where there are accomodation for students. They provide single rooms with shared bathroom and Living room. The different buildings are called Independance, Constitution, Liberty and Jones. The whole tennis team lives there. The best unit ever was Jones Lower Center : home of the parties and the comfy living room!
" Hey lets go to the units i heard there is a party over there"

"she had to move from the units because her roomate was a bitch"

"Omg! JLC?? this unit is sick!"
by gomina queen December 06, 2011
The term unit can be used when something is so particularly sweet that its actual title is not good enough. When no other term can be used to describe its need. Also, can be used to label objects that suck.
Toaster Oven AKA "Toasting Unit"
Bucket or Container AKA "A Filling Unit"
Broken Toy AKA "Shitty Unit"
Bong AKA "Smoking Unit"
Ipod AKA "Tune Unit"
Condom AKA Condamn AKA "Dong Unit"

Sam - "Hey Bro what you got"
Tim - "Oh noth'n just a robot that gets beer from the fridge when I clap my hands."
Sam - "What a sweet unit!"

Roomie "I got a chick here, where is the box of dong units"

when the batteries run out in the TV remote a proper response could entail the comment "shitty unit" while banging it on the arm of the couch.
by Studio 2 March 03, 2008
Hard to define, it's a complimentary or derogatory term depending on usage. It can refer to a person as someone that is cool, tall, muscular, strong, or a friend (synonym: dude). It can also refer to a penis or someone that is negatively referred to as a penis (synonym: dick).
You can call anyone 'unit' or 'a unit' or 'the unit' and so on. 'Unit' can be used as a complimentary term or as a derogatory term.


"What's up, unittttt!"

"That kid's a fucking unit."

It's all about the emphasis on 'unit'. The usage derives from both 'dude' and 'cock'. 'Dude' is more often complimentary while 'cock' is sometimes just 'cock' and other times 'cock' is derogatory.


"Ahhhh, unitttt!!!! What's up, kid?!?!?"

"She couldn't handle my gigantic unit."

"He's the biggest fucking unit."

Also derives from Randy Johnson, also known as 'The Big Unit'. The first known usage of the modern 'unit' terminology was by a Boston man, himself a big unit because of his height, strength, and ability to crush beers.
by Unit Man January 22, 2010
A word to describe a very large (ie FAT) whale looking creature... usually women...! Rarely seen during daylight as they are too busy in the sea eating all the fish!

Almost definately found out at night, drinking pints and waiting for Dallas Chicken to open! Can also be described as a lagoon creature, and seem to appear more attractive as the night goes on & the more drunk you get....

If found, please return to sea or may become extinct due to starvation
Bloke 1: Bloooody hell! Look at that....

Bloke 2: Yeah she is a bit of a unit!
by Mr Peter File October 29, 2009
anything really! it can mean anything! the word fresh really compliments the use of the word units as well..see example below!
1.) " hey, those (shoes) units are really fresh, yo!
2.) " wow, things are really de-freshing today...we need 100 CC's of units"
3.) (using the term to describe a good time) "This party is really unit fresh."
Person A:"Hey man, I really like hanging out with you."
Person B: "Ya, for sure. Units are here."
by Linkavitch Chamowski March 02, 2007
weed, as in a word for marijuana
i need some units right now, i want to max out.
by playap02 January 16, 2004
Another word to describe someone as stupid or dumb. These people generally have nothing important or constructive to say and waste your time and oxygen with stupid comments or blow by blow details about shit you don't care about. It gets better! You have never met them before in your life!
Them: blah, blah, blah, blah, "My dog this", blah, blah, blah, "yesterday that."

Me: Why should I care?? You're still talking crap! My god! What a unit!
by Snezzle December 22, 2010

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