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Hebrew spelling. Also means The Bee and to speak eloquently Deborah's are usually sophisticated, witty, intelligent with a great sense of humour. Other women are usually jealous of Deborah's and men want her.
Woah... I met this fantastic woman in this classy art gallery on the weekend her name must be 'Deborah'
by weecheekies July 22, 2008
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A truly beautiful and charming person who is intelligent and and the most fantastic lover. The name Deborah is of Hebrew Origin and means Queen bee and the beholder of beauty. Her intelligence might overwhelm you at first but you'll soon be reeled in by her sophistication and charm. The name Deborah is generally given to those who sustain beauty throughout their lives and live life passionately.
I met my Dream girl the other day, I didn't ask for her name because I knew it must have been "Deborah"! She was so hot man, I'm telling you.
by Deborah lover August 25, 2009
The most amazing and the most intelligent person you will ever meet. A someone who will be there for you no matter what happens in your life and is there to support you. A person who is very friendly and has a bubbly personality. The only person who is positive minded and just can't stand looking at a sad face. A Deborah can also be a stubborn person but its natural. A person who will always and forever will be the cutest and most adorable person in the universe.
' I saw this girl at school and she was so NICE!'
'Was she a Deborah?'
'Probably, cause Deborah's are awesome man!'
by Tre37Blakyn78 April 17, 2013
One who has more sperm donations than a sperm bank; one who is quick to bare offspring but the offspring is the dullest stone in the stream; the mother of many commonly with unknown paternity; one who's looks are harsher than peeled paint and a personality that is as kind as straight bleach; wits are few, common sense is not there; not the life of the party although the butt of everyone's jokes; feels the need to date minors as they are whom she feels she is superior to, but only by formality; the name given to a child whom all are ashamed of.
"My ex-wife is a Deborah."

"I just gave birth to a Deborah- *sigh*- better call the adoption agency but shh don't tell the potential adoptive parents."

"Guy #41: Dude guess who I did last night?!
Guy #32: Deborah?! Me too! Not too good btw."
by YetAnotherDaddy March 30, 2014
Deborah is a person in touch with her feelings. She truly love messi and would like to spend the rest of her life with him. Shes to paranoid with guys abs and should stop loving messi. She would take her parents lives to save messi and that's wrong. In plain a stupid person.
Deborahs great, Deborahs so preety , Deborahs so stupid , Deborah is so deborah
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