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Tobacco, rolled in a paper. Then smoked. Most of the time contains a filter. Cigarettes kill you. I love them. I love the way they smell, I love the way they taste, I love the way they feel. They will kill me and I am fine with that. If you don't love them, don't smoke and shut the fuck up.
"Cigarettes are bad for you."
"If people like you didn't exsist I wouldn't have to smoke."
by jakeisuseless March 09, 2005
A writer. Most famously wrote Sluaghter House Five, cats cradle. A literarly God.

By the way, his son, Mark Vonnegut, has a wonderful book. It's called, "The Eden Express."
Kurt Vonnegut is god. He is a better writer then you. He is a better writer then all the other writers that you read.
by Jakeisuseless March 01, 2005
A degree of intoxication from pot. Enough to change normal thought processes. Normally implys absent mindedness, and stupidity.
Yeah, I think that I'm stoned.
by Jakeisuseless February 25, 2005
A pipe, or device, for smoking pot. Normally a metel pipe. As opposed to a glass 'piece.'
Got a steel unit? I need to smoke some resin.
by Jakeisuseless March 01, 2005
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