An abbreviation for the term Nigger Lover, sometime pronounced as nigga lova
Ferdy: Yo! Look at that white girl's ass!
Ghando: Forget about it, she's a NL so us white guys don't have a chance
by Ghando Rahzalez May 18, 2010
Noun A white person who loves or likes the company of black people.
Did you see who Kelly was with last night what an NL.

K Q is a real NL!

by Majmeo June 12, 2007
An abbreviation for the phrase "no lie" often used via IM, Facebook status, tweet or text (or any form of written communication). Not usually said in person, unless you're a loser.
That cake was delicious, nl (no lie) I've got to have some more dude!
by nigga in paris December 20, 2011
Short for "Netherlands"
"The Netherlands is also known as Holland"
by Killy the Fox April 18, 2004
Acronym for "Ngentot Lu". Indonesian for "fuck you".
Monyet! Isep kontol gua! NL!
by pentozali December 07, 2007
nuff love or enough love
girl 1: gtg babes
girl 2: okay darling, tc (take care or tender care)
girl 1: nl
by Anjali-patel December 09, 2007
NL is an abbreviation used in the cannabis growing culture for the "Northern Lights" strain which is quite popular for both commercial and personal grows because of its size, yield, hardiness, ect.
"Thats a beautiful NL SoG you've got goin!"
by Narcissus July 13, 2004

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