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To not only be of no help to one's team, but to actually HELP the oposing team.

In DOTA, dying gives the opposing team both Expirience and Gold for your death, this is known as a feed.
"0 kills 16 deaths! what a mega feed!"

"He keeps running into them! What a Feeder!"
#hurt #mega #feeder #fed #uber
by Mitchelnext September 03, 2009
Random drunk text message achieved when a phone, equiped with predictive typing, has the number 3 key pushed 4 times in succession.
Press: 3-3-3-3 = FEED
by Getz July 19, 2004
A term used to describe a syndicated article/item on the web via RSS, XML, or ATOM technologies.
"I just got a feed talking about a cool new service called"
by The Wanderer June 01, 2005
Another name for a blowjob.
Damn, I'd like to have Avril feed on me.
#feed #head #sucking #blowjob #feeding #fed on
by Rev Phallus March 29, 2011
New Zealand slang (chiefly Maori) for food. Specifically a meal.
Man, I'm gonna cook us up a mean feed!

We went down to the shops to get us a feed.
#food #meal #nomnomnom #dinner #lunch
by Ace Noddy January 30, 2011
1) A drug-dealer's main source for drugs
2) Supplier
I don't know who dat nigga's feed is, but damn he's always got the coke fo so cheap!
#drugs #coke #dealer #weed #kush #source #pusher
by Young Grip May 03, 2007
What gluttons do on a daily basis.
The gluttons will feed on whatever you tell them is cool. FEED!
#fed #feeding #fede #feeeeeeeed #feeeed
by holton inhaler August 26, 2008
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