yellow curved fruit great with ice cream
I'm ordering the Uber-split.
by Urban December 20, 2003
Wow! This note you wrote me is UBER long.

Her hair is uber long!
by uber-loo November 14, 2003
1. Being so great at something you are "uber" 2. Doing something extremely well. 3. Being the best at something.
I am so uber at this map. -or- I just uberly pwned you, n00b.
by 16Sins November 04, 2005
my dogs name. He is a super dog and is very uber.
Meister uber shisen is mister super pooper. Such an uber dog.
by jagr October 19, 2004
Above all,the ultimate, greatest,supreme lord and master.
That guy is an uber-dork.
by only$19.99,less s+h December 30, 2003
Something that fat German kids say; meaning super, very, etc...
I am uber hungry. I haven't eaten in two minutes.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
Defamation: Dear RETARDS, PLEASE stop using über as oober or uber. DON'T think it means "cool," "awesome," or "epic;" IT DOESN'T.

Defenition: The word "über" (Not "UBER" or "OOBER") derives from GERMAN (NOT RUSSIAN FOR TARDS) *Literally* means "ABOVE" or "OVER." It is not American for "very," "cool," or "amazing." It is NOT Russian for "Super," although when combined with other german words it appears to mean super (I.E. Über alles {Above/over all} Übermensch {Superman})

Truth: People are jealous that they got called a retarded poser for not knowing what a word meant, so they told EVERYBODY what they thought it was, and now a whopping 50% of the population believes them.

American-German Trans-langual word: The word über came into American culture by a punk band called "California Über Alles," translating from german "California above all." It came from the common german (NOT Nazi) phrase "Deutschland Über Alles" meaning "Germany above all."
The "ü" in über (not uber) or "Ü" in it is as follows:

ü = Alt + 0252
Ü = Alt + 0220
by Jewel! February 18, 2008

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