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only the BEST sport known to mankind! everyone on the planet should swim becasue then you wouldnt have to sit on your lazy ass and you will lose all of your baby fat!
swimming kicks ass! i just killed them!
by rachael February 21, 2004
Loose elbow skin
by Rachael October 12, 2003
loose elbow skin, that you can pull
by Rachael October 12, 2003
to take without permission, steal
i copped my sister's jacket
by rachael April 18, 2005
When you see someone hot, you put their memory in your wank tank so that when you have a wank later it is the face you see as you cum all over your bed
Chris was so turned on by the sight of James bending over the photocopier he decided to ut him is his wank tank for lunchtime when he went to the toilet
by rachael July 22, 2004
the singer of the best band ever... yeah i'd want to hump his leg too... hes so fucking hot
i love bert.... hes so fucking hot
by rachael November 23, 2003
an orgasm for the soul
when your body/soul/being is in complete ecstacy
by rachael June 10, 2003

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