A word that people discover and love in early high school but realize it is dumb by the time they are upperclassmen and everyone else is saying it.
"the word Uber is uber gay"
by Dapas September 07, 2005
Uber simply means "Super". Uber was originally used back in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Then it simply meant "Super" or "awsome". Now-a-days, Uber means something that is completely and really cool, this word is more commonly used by Emo, hXc, Electrikk people.
Person 1: I am going to a Senses Fail concert tonight.
Person 2: Are you seriuos?!? That is UBER cool!!!
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
Unlimitedly, Really, Over, Ultimatley, Excessivley!
"Oh My God!!! Ian Watkins (Lost Prophets)is Uber Attractive!!! Ian *sigh* Oh I love you Ian, Marry Me!!!" BTW NOT Ian WatkinsH from Steps! eeeew!!!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 30, 2005
Some times used to refer to a person from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Likely from the Germany meaning of the word as “Above”.
Those ubers might as well be part of Canada.
by Dave February 17, 2005
Used commonlyin slang as a synonym for "super," "extra," or "more than normal."
"Uber-dyke" would be a lesbian that's somehow "extra lesbiany." Likewise, "uber-cautious" would be "super careful."
by Lisa January 29, 2005
a german word meaning:magnificant..higher above high...
in other words dannielle roads..=)
wow dannielle!!your so uberly hot..
by dannielle July 29, 2004
uber means higher,greater,and above in german haha but its also my last name and im always higher,greater,and above everyone.lol
yo uber come hit this shit.lol
by uber is my last name bitches June 28, 2004

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