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To be massively conned into thinking you booked a taxi, but actually get a clueless gimp charging you silly money.
"Got proper ripped off last night. Driver lost & cost me £150!"

"Looks like you was ubered!"
by Sherbetdab March 11, 2015
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Derived from the word Uber;
This word means to beat someone in any game without them barely having a chance at winning.
Wtf dude are you hacking?
No, I just Ubered you.
by DezPwnss June 21, 2009
To kick the crap out of something using a computer. can be in a 1.)game or 2.)when hacking
1. yo i just ubered you bitch
2. i ubered my friends computer and loaded it with gay porn. so 1337.
by newbreed May 07, 2005
To feign interest and availability in having sex with someone attempting to pick a person up at the bar to get a free taxi home. Usually ends with the sexual interest jumping out of the solicitor's car and running away at a major intersection somewhat near his or her home.
- "Dude, I can't believe those chicks totally Ubered us!"

- "Sorry bro. You got Ubered. Happens. You want my wifi password?"
- "I ain't got no money for a cab -- let's Uber those old dudes. Holy cow, that one on the left looks like Akroid."
by Kate Luna May 20, 2015
Severe overreaction at the core of ones being, resulting in the core melting and fail escaping.

A situation being likened to a nuclear meltdown.

The other day Michael ubered for almost 3 hours after someone told a client of his that he wastes too much time talking about "rico" and Deedle's ex-girlfriend's bucket of AIDS on the internet.
by The Sandbox June 06, 2007

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