my dogs name. He is a super dog and is very uber.
Meister uber shisen is mister super pooper. Such an uber dog.
by jagr October 19, 2004
a retarted word popularized by drew barrymore on the letterman show. Usually used by twits and cheer leaders
I am such and uber twit
by truefate May 20, 2004
Above all,the ultimate, greatest,supreme lord and master.
That guy is an uber-dork.
by only$19.99,less s+h December 30, 2003
Something that fat German kids say; meaning super, very, etc...
I am uber hungry. I haven't eaten in two minutes.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
A person with penises for eyes. Very inconvenient, as you can imagine, but perhaps they could be of use in the porn industry.
Laugh and behold, the fates decided to agree with his request and grant it in the most hideous manner possible, for when he awoke the next day, instead of gazing at the ceiling above him, an inflamed phallus emerged from each eyelid.

He soon found himself standing on street corners, destitude and holding up a cardboard sign that read "Please be my friend" while civilians passed by and laughed, for he couldn't hide his erections, and when limp, his new penis-eyes looked hideous as ever. Über sat down and began to weep, though it was naught but urine trickling down his cheeks.

Truly, a lesson is to be learned from all this: Don't be an Über!
by Shnap'd Again December 07, 2006
1. adj. a word to describe something of great size.
2. adj. a word to describe an emotion
1. "That dog is uber big!"
2. "Dude, I am uber sad!!"
by l-money September 05, 2006
A word used by try hard emo's to make them seem smart and multi-lingual. It's german for super, but I reckon that a lot of emo's forget that cause they are too busy listening to dashboard confessional or whatever that stupid band is called. Basically, they just chuck it into a sentence to enforce one of there stupid points.
dashbaord confessional is uber emo.
by i hate try hard emo's December 03, 2005
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