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British slang

See also: Uber

1) <adjective> Good

2) <prefix> The most superlative

==> The word 'Über' is taken from German and is used in exactly the same way by an English slang speaker as a German speaker would. Über in German literally means 'Over' or 'Above' and is often merged with other German words to emphasise their excellence. e.g. "Übersoldat" or "Over-soldier" literally translated. In English, we would sooner say, "Super-soldier", but the meaning is the same.

Other variations:-


Variant on the spelling of 'Über' with exactly the same meaning only the 'Ü' is replaced with the greek letter 'µ' (Myu).
This is an informal and localised variant and would never be used in formal text.
1) "Aww man, that isn't only Gnarly - that is Über!"

2) "Holy shit, that is Über-cool!"

1+2) "Holy shit! Aww man, that isn't only Gnarly - that is Über-Über!!!"
by Stuart Fletcher December 20, 2004
German word for Awesome!
I Was Über Stoned Last Night At That Party, I Fucked Alice She Was Über Fun!
This Trip Will Be Uberly Uber
by Tal August 16, 2004
It's just plain stupid. If you use this word, you are stupid too.
I'm not stupid so I don't say uber.
by Un-Stupid March 28, 2006
Its sorta a German word...
Man.. that is Uber.....
by Fenrah April 21, 2005
means "super" in german
i dont kno i dont speak it
by lil miss vixen April 21, 2005
A word only online faggots use, so if you don't want to be considered some internet geek, then try not to use this word..
"that is uber fantastic!!"
by Dustin Iwabuchi July 31, 2004
Über is a term in the australian dialect of english to discrible something; derived from german to mean "very, very", "super", "above" ect..
N.B. a Über versitile word
"omg that is Über cool"
"to your Über left"
"you Über stupid idiot"
"learn German; you can say Über more!"
"i Über love you, lets make Über sweet love"
"Über desu."
"Über desune"
by Über Ruku san August 25, 2006