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a good beating, or slap.
I twated it over the fence
by bugster July 21, 2003
When somebody has nothing better to say and talks shit
Mary is twating about everyone because she is jealous.
#twat #shit #talking #douchey #cunt
by nadaltennis885 April 20, 2011
The practice of leaving a blood trail or blood spots (known or unknown) while menstruating.
Mary left a blood trail all over her office chair and toilet. She's been twating all over the clinic!
#twating #menstruating #blood #public #menstruate
by Gouldswifter November 01, 2012
Spouting hateful tweets towards others or a specific topic on the social media network; Twitter.
People are twating on Lil Wayne for his new tattoo picture.

I'm always twating about Mitt Romney
#twitter #hating #haters #hate. hatorade #swag #tweet #twitpic
by thekid12 July 28, 2012
A person who has nothing useful to do or say thus talking about their every action on Twitter.
Emily: JUST WOKE UP OMG!!! 7:31 a.m.


Emily: NO CEREAL!!! FML 7:40 a.m.

Emily: CANT FIND MY CUTE TANK-TOP!!!!!! 7:46 a.m.

Emily's Brother: sis is Twating again... dumb ****
#twat #cunt #twitter #annoying #bitch
by Stoner13 January 17, 2012
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