only the best make-up place ever!
I just bought this fab lip gloss that only cost 30 bucks.
by <3 Lizzy July 19, 2005
Sephora is a wonderful cosmetic store. Sure, everything may cost a lot but thats only because it's all designer. They do give "makeovers" and they ARE free.
Alyssa: Oh my gosh! Look at this makeup bag! It costs like $50!!!
Group: Yeah Alyssa, this is Sephora. Things cost some money in here because it's all designer.
Alyssa: Well thats STUPID!
Group: YOUR STUPID!!!!
by prplppl April 24, 2009
The name of a superbe girl. She has dark brown eyes, and dark brown skin and she is just a babe to be around. When you walk towards her and she sees you from a distance, her eyes light up like she is so happy to see you. When you talk to her about your problems, she listens and doesn't interrupt until you're finished. As she has grown up, she's felt insecure and she can often be misinterpreted as shy. This is wrong, it's just that she chooses the right people she wants to be around. She sings really well and has got a really great sense of rhythm. When you're with her, you don't feel put down, or different, or bad about yourself. She makes everything just feel cool, and safe. She wears funky clothes and a wooden necklace in the shape of the African continent. She has the most adorable giggle ever.

If you have a friend called Sephora, don't let her go. She is an absolute rock star and makes you laugh. She will support you no matter what, and will always hear what you have to say (even when it's stupid).
If you have a girlfriend called Sephora, don't let her down. She depends so much on you for love and safety. If she has let you into her world, it's because she fully trusts you, and doing that means giving you every right to hurt her. Don't let that happen.
Lily: 'Phopho, you do understand why I comment on racist jokes, right?'
Sephora: 'Of course! It's to make racism look ridiculous and unnecessary.'
Lily: 'That's right. I really do not have the time or the patience to listen to people rant about other skin colours.'
Sephora: 'Love you Lil.'
Lily: 'I love you too Pho.'
by Lily.x September 25, 2013

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