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A term used by twelvie morons that wear baseball caps backwards, have their pants sag half way down their arse crack, wear Converse sneakers and generally act like douchebags on public transport by blasting crappy dubstep and pop music through the tinny little speakers on their phones. Yoloswag to them means 'oh yeah, fuck i'm good, just ask me' but to the sane population all we see are whiny little douchebags that need a smack in the head with an ASP expanding baton.
twelvie: 'yer rikki and i are in a relationship, yoloswag'
sane teenager walkin past: 'DILLIGAF!'
#dilligaf #yoloswag #hipster #twelvie #moronic #brat
by KTV484 February 06, 2014
Idiotic 10-14 year olds that are heavily obsessed with looks and boys. They often hang out in packs and giggle inanely like schoolgirls do but more often. tHey LyK To TyPe LyK DiZ and tote around mobile phones and empty backpacks, and wear Supre or whatever the hell's in fashion at the moment. They also listen to shitty music like the Backstreet Boys, the Jonas Brothers, and parade their boyfriends around as if they're proud of them.
Tween 1: 'ThErE GoEz a ToTaLy HaWt KiD On DaT SkOoTa!'
Tween 2: 'LeTz Go aNd TlK 2 HiM!'
*kid on mobility scooter*: *runs tweens over*
#slut #teenybopper #retarded #whore #fucktard #dickhead
by KTV484 November 26, 2013
A hashtag used by spoilt kids to complain and whine about how their christmas was ruined because they didn't get their new gift EXACTLY how they wanted it.
Tween on FB: 'OMG u sux i didnt get my blakc ifone i want3d a whyt ifone OMG #ihatemyparents
Twelvie on Twitter: 'OMG ih8myparents they dont get me wut i want #ihatemyparents
#twelvie #spoilt #tumblr #facebook #twitter #hate #dumb #stupid
by KTV484 December 27, 2013
Twelvies that take one sip out of a Vodka Cruiser (flavoured vodka drink) and then caption it with 'OMG SOOOO SMASHD' (or words to that effect. Usually accompanied by a duckface with the V sign in a selfie photo posted to social media sites.
Cruiser Troopers can be located at underage parties, train stations, local shopping centres or even down the police station being charged with underage drinking.
Ricky: Jesus, Natalie and her friends are cruiser troopers.
Dicky: Look at them making duckfaces and taking selfies.
Ricky: I hope they get picked up by a blue light taxi soon.
#duckface #selfie #twelvie #cruiser #vodka #blue light taxi
by KTV484 June 20, 2014
An order whether verbal or written given by police or other authorities to tell you to leave an area because you have been committing or suspected of committing offences including graffiti or other antisocial behaviour. If you do not leave the area you are banned from and stay away for the period given (usually 24 hours) you can be arrested and charged with disobeying a move on order.
Ricky: I'm damn glad Courtney got a move on order from the police
Dicky: Why's that?
Ricky: She couldn't stop hanging around Forever 21 and harrassing the staff.
#police #forever 21 #teenybopper #misconduct #twelvie
by KTV484 June 19, 2014
A talentless idiot that can't act, dance or sing at all. Appeared on some obscure TV show in the late 80s and only lasted a few episodes before the show got axed and she pissed off into obscurity.
Tom: 'Did you hear about Rikki Arnot the other week?'
Bob: 'Yep, glad to hear she's finally off the air again, what a slut'
#slut #stupid #dumbarse #cool #good #retard
by KTV484 November 25, 2013
Rich dickheads that care only for money and are selfish. They don't care about anyone lower than them and they will shelter their offspring to the point where their offspring turns up their noses at the lower class, to the point of where the lower class usually gets out whatever weaponry they have to hand and bludgeons the upper class offspring. Upper class people are usually to be found throwing events of high social status such as garden parties and lavish functions such as those, which are best avoided.

Upper class people are also highly bigoted and will boast of how good they are to every single person around them who is rich and idiotic enough to believe that bullshit. They like to spend heaps on unnecessary shit like designer clothes, latest toys/gadgets, fast cars.
Ricky: 'Did you see that upper class person on the news the other day? She was complaining about how the poor people make her house smell with all their filth.'
Dicky: 'Next time she complains I'll go round to her house and break her nose.'
#rich #privileged #beverly hills #90210 #stupid #retarded #bigoted #fuckwit
by KTV484 January 07, 2014
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