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A word meaning nonsensical or meaningless talk.
Enough of this idiotic twaddle! If I wanted to hear a load of bullshit, I'd be watching C-SPAN!
by weltkieg December 12, 2003
1. To waddle due to an object inserted in one's bearded taco.

2. To diddle one's twat.

1. She inserted the dildo into her vagina and twaddled off to work.

2. She's so preoccupied she must be twaddling.
by Cuntoleezza Rice February 01, 2007
The greatest last name of all time.
My last name is Twaddle, Bitch!
by The Model November 09, 2008
Another word for poppycock or nonsense.
My dear old chum, you always talk such twaddle when you've had a few drinks!
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
a) Nonsensical gibberish.
b) The source of excellent articles and media by excellent individuals.
"Stop talking twaddle, you annoying bastard."
"I say chaps, I think we should all go to!"
by MDG August 02, 2004
To total your friends car by driving it in to a tree or mail box
last night Jake was driving my car and twaddled it.
by CasaSlice August 23, 2011
a mysterious female medical condition. women with the twaddles have a tiny ballsack attached to their anus, and sometimes appear to have labia extending into their assholes.
brah, i was making out with this chick, and she stopped me and told me she had the twaddles and asked if i still wanted to hook up. i was like fuck that shit, bitch, and i walked out. alpha as fuck.
by AnonymousLovesJustinBieber August 05, 2010

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