the nervous ticks or twitching one experiances as they come down from a crystal methamphetamine binge.
pulling hairs out of their face; picking at their face; picking their nose...
by a former tweeker November 28, 2003
Similar to a Gleek, the Tweek is the Twilight version. Geek + Twilight = Tweek
OMG I am sooo excited to go and see the new Twilight movie, I'm such a Tweek!!
by Sazilicious July 02, 2010
to send a tweet in Greek
Hey did you see Matt's tweek? What did it mean?

Yeah, he told Amy how awesome the flaming cheese was in Greek... I google translated it.
by greektweeker January 31, 2011
When you can't twerk, so you have to push your buttcheeks up and down to make them look like they are bouncing.
Guy1: Is that girl twerking or what?
Guy2: Naw man she's tweeking...
by Uhhhhhh123 February 03, 2014
The biggest fag within a group of friends, generally shaky and uncomfortable.
God, josh, what a tweek.
by Jack Daniel Smirnoff March 24, 2011
Someone who Twitters obsessively on the social networking site "Twitter." Twitter + Geek = Tweek. Often appearing to be normal people on the surface, they will quickly reveal their inner geek whenever anyone mentions Twitter in a conversation, at which point they will tell everyone within earshot about all the hilarious and uninteresting things their friends and acquaintances have recently tweeted about.

See also "Twatter", someone who tries to accumulate a large following on Twitter in order to hide the fact that they are actually a giant twat.
Rational human: "I can't believe CNN is reporting on what politicians are tweeting from the halls of the Senate...or that politicians are tweeting in the halls of the senate, for that matter."

Tweek: "OMG I LOOOOOVE TWITTER!!! My friend Jessica just tweeted about how the guy next to her in line at the DMV just farted and she said it smells like a mix of hot garbage and a yeast infection!!! How funny is that?!"

Rational Human: "I hate your face."
by thepoolboy October 05, 2009
Someone who gets around
Alvin is a tweek, all he does is tweek with all the boys in the class
by BigPappa12345 September 12, 2011
To Tweek is to be overly excited about something, or keep talking about it or just plain out being anoyying about that topic.
Jay: Norman! Stop tweeking over them damn books man!

Norman: But man they're so good like in chapter 3- "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

by Definition Queen June 07, 2009

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