to enhance
"Dude, check out my tweeked up motorcycle..."
by kevsgrl2004 June 09, 2003
Generally used as a verb to refer to what a DJ does to the knobs on the mixer.
Did you see that DJ tweek the knobs?
Tweekin' the knobs!
by katze April 19, 2005
A mad individual who can cause pain to himself and not give a damn. the spawn of god and satan.

Will act as below:
Runs around fields on cold night, in only his underwear, smoking and screaming "I rape chickens". sleep talks about foursoms, chickens, wanting sausages, and aaarrghffejwfbisduf!!
by Ernie October 15, 2004
Noun. A boisterous dork, dweeb or nincompoop. An annoyingly loud twit.
Shut the fuck up you stupid tweek.
by E. Debs April 01, 2005
A black person. 50% - 100% ghetto. Thinks he is the shit.
Marques Morman is a tweek
by Lace Artist May 30, 2008
to be messed up
"Man my arm is totally tweeked..."
by kevsgrl2004 June 09, 2003
an awesome Juggalo who rights crazy music with his fellow Juggalos
xenophobia and piraznah not yet famous but almost there
here comes Tweek and Marin
by Great Milenko February 25, 2005

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