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to enhance
"Dude, check out my tweeked up motorcycle..."
by kevsgrl2004 June 09, 2003
12 30
Generally used as a verb to refer to what a DJ does to the knobs on the mixer.
Did you see that DJ tweek the knobs?
Tweekin' the knobs!
by katze April 19, 2005
9 28
A mad individual who can cause pain to himself and not give a damn. the spawn of god and satan.

Will act as below:
Runs around fields on cold night, in only his underwear, smoking and screaming "I rape chickens". sleep talks about foursoms, chickens, wanting sausages, and aaarrghffejwfbisduf!!
by Ernie October 15, 2004
5 24
Noun. A boisterous dork, dweeb or nincompoop. An annoyingly loud twit.
Shut the fuck up you stupid tweek.
by E. Debs April 01, 2005
5 26
A black person. 50% - 100% ghetto. Thinks he is the shit.
Marques Morman is a tweek
by Lace Artist May 30, 2008
2 24
to be messed up
"Man my arm is totally tweeked..."
by kevsgrl2004 June 09, 2003
5 27
an awesome Juggalo who rights crazy music with his fellow Juggalos
xenophobia and piraznah not yet famous but almost there
here comes Tweek and Marin
by Great Milenko February 25, 2005
3 36