Generally used as a verb to refer to what a DJ does to the knobs on the mixer.
Did you see that DJ tweek the knobs?
Tweekin' the knobs!
by katze April 19, 2005
A mad individual who can cause pain to himself and not give a damn. the spawn of god and satan.

Will act as below:
Runs around fields on cold night, in only his underwear, smoking and screaming "I rape chickens". sleep talks about foursoms, chickens, wanting sausages, and aaarrghffejwfbisduf!!
by Ernie October 15, 2004
to pinch or flick
I tweeked her nipple and she tweeked my clit with her tongue.
by Junebug January 13, 2004
Noun. A boisterous dork, dweeb or nincompoop. An annoyingly loud twit.
Shut the fuck up you stupid tweek.
by E. Debs April 01, 2005
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