to be forced into smiling by infectious enthusiasm and boundess energy
you've been tweeked, i was at a low until i got tweeked
by gsxrboy June 02, 2007

-Showing signs of beeing stoned,when you havent ever even touched a bag or leaf of pot, acting stoned talking like your stoned,walking like your stoned,and thinking like your stoned.
A: Dude you are so incredibly tweeked its not even funny.
B: Huh, Huh..wait.. wut?

X:Hey you two, i dont want you tow crazy hippie stoners haning around here anymore!
Y: Oh no mr.wong we're not stoned we're just tweaked.
Z:Yeah man, totally umm like totally nothin to worry.uhh whats that word a ground around..uhh dammit i cant remember.
Y:ha ha hah ah, dude i think your trying to say about..hehe lets go get a milkshake
Z:sweet to the max
Y:later dude
X: crazy stoners...
by mcbar May 08, 2005
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