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to be overly excited at a situation or event that is highly positive and causes exuberance beyond classification of excitement.
Scott won a vacation to Hawaii, a place he always wanted to go, causing him to call his friends and tweek.
by BT14 July 29, 2007
Something or someone that is stupid, dumb, or crazy.
"Stop being such a tweek !"

Person#1: I failed the history test.
Person#2: That was so easy, you tweek !
by kimbop October 03, 2009
something that looks strange or is very cool
dude that shit is tweek!
by steakman1 February 10, 2007
To pinch or flick...

"I tweeked her nipple and she tweeked my clit with her tongue."
by Junebug December 14, 2005
When a girl plays with her Vag for pleasure or to tease men
My hoe girl friend was caught tweekin off at a party, all the guy seen her cookie
by Savoyo August 03, 2008
Can be a state of paranoia, Have to urge to hurt or kill somebody, Be Extremely mad (sometimes because of drugs or mental ilnesses)
Im going to Tweek on someone very shortly!

by Mike AKA TweeK February 06, 2007
to pinch or flick
I tweeked her nipple and she tweeked my clit with her tongue.
by Junebug January 13, 2004