a tweaker is simply a weirdo, from that weird girl who stalks you, the weird witch lady who lives at number 3 to that crazy old guy with the massive beard who rides his bike around all day muttering. its useful to have in the vocab as it can be shouted with no risk of insult to the tweaker in question. by streachin the sylables it can be made into an almost bird like cry. if u like
"oh my god, this guy is a fucking stalker, what a tweaker"

"shit dude, did you see that matey wearin girls clothes, what a tweeker"

"whos that tweaker on a microscooter"
by purv of the gore April 26, 2007
Mainly used in Philadelphia, A Tweaker is a female who gets around! A whore, smut, slut, hoe, or trick. "Tweak" can also be used in it's place, as well as "Tweaking"
Yo bul?

"Wassup with you bul?"

Shit!...whats up with Kaneisha and them?

"I don't know.....but I def heard her squad is some tweakers!"

Oh yea?.....they tweakin?

"That's What I Heard!"
by mickey futuristic February 18, 2010
someone who abuses methamphatamine.

usually skinny because they dont eat.
dark circles under their eyes because they dont sleep.
can harldy stand because most of their blood viens have collpased from constant injecting,

they transform themselves into a hermit-like state and keep to themselves while trying to have a normal life.
kid 1: i think that jon is using meth.
Kid2: yeah i definatly think he is a tweaker
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009
Someone who likes to adjust or fine-tune things; a person who makes small changes to an existing object in order to make it better or to suit one’s preferences
Tessa is known as the Tweaker in her social circle for her knack of turning old fabrics into fashion-forward apparels.
by fln September 23, 2013
Philadelphia's (Philly's) own slut.
The word "tweaker" is often used to describe a girl with sloppy, slut-like attributes, and is known for getting with a lot of guys. A tweak is a nicer way of calling a female a whore, and or slut, and a tweaker may get with more popular, or famous guys. The word "tweak" is also used and is just a shorter version of the word "tweaker".
Malik: Yo, did you see Vanessa with Jamal last night? Yeah, she was giving him head in the back of the party, and everyone saw...
Kyle: Yeah, I know, that girl is such a tweaker.
Malik: Smh what a tweak.
by Olive_Garden69 October 30, 2011
Tweaker: Boy/Girl tht go around fuckin everybody . Gettin passed around the whole team or city/place
Boy: there go tht tweaker over there
Girl: How She A Tweak
Boy: The Whole Team Was In Tht Bitch
Girl: Smh Fuckin Whore
by TweeterTweet December 20, 2010
A word used popularly in Philadelphia, Pa to describe female dogs who get “smutted” around by a group of men. The men are either friends, cousins or even siblings maybe complete strangers but that's rare with Tweaks. Tweakers are often exposed on the Tweaker List page via Facebook. Tweakers are not aware that they’re tweakers, until they appear on the Tweaker List. However, 99.9% are still in denial after being featured on every list. You can always find a Tweaker on Broad & Olney, King of Prussia, and Franklin Mills. They're in there like swimwear.
Girl: I'm not a tweak, I'm 15 years old and I let 5 guys hit.
I only sucked 14 dicks this year. Yes, I'm on the tweaker page, but these girls just hating on me because I had sexual intercourse with their boyfriends.

Boy: Your the true definition of a tweaker.
by Never Lying September 13, 2010
Your girl is a tweaker everyone bust her ass
by jkgggk September 16, 2009

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