Originated in Philadelphia

A female that has sex with a lot of males, possibly just to become popular of doing it because she feels like it.
If you let a boy and his friends have sex with you are considered a tweaker.
by briight April 06, 2010
Someone with a methamphetamine who is usually a theif.
That fucking tweaker stole my lighter
by Dustin Hubiak June 01, 2007
being a dumb ass
jim your a fucking tweaker you know that
by tweaker101 July 19, 2010
1. A person that's like a hoe

2. Some one who will talk to alot of females/males at once

3. Some one who's addicted to drugs
"Yo, you a tweaker for real"

"shut up tweaker!!"
by Philly Girl_14 June 19, 2009
1. A person who customizes an operating system, a.k.a. MS Windows or Linux.
2. A person who speeds up their computer. See also overclocker.
1. You know Ken, always changing his settings. Such a tweaker, really.
2. Hey, that Dave guy burned out his CPU again, tweaked it too much.
by Toba September 22, 2004
Some one who twitters too frequently
Wow your sister is such a tweaker, I mean she has like 87 posts a day.
by BeanyStiney April 07, 2009
a man/woman who does an action that may seem strange or efed up to the people around them
hahaha look at that fukin tweaker. haha wtf is he doing?
by l)yl_A/V February 14, 2008

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