Mainly used in Philadelphia, A Tweaker is a female who gets around! A whore, smut, slut, hoe, or trick. "Tweak" can also be used in it's place, as well as "Tweaking"
Yo bul?

"Wassup with you bul?"

Shit!...whats up with Kaneisha and them?

"I don't know.....but I def heard her squad is some tweakers!"

Oh yea?.....they tweakin?

"That's What I Heard!"
by mickey futuristic February 18, 2010
Someone who constantly worries about a situation and obsesses over the possible outcome of something before it happens. Someone who thinks a lot and dwells on things a lot.
I am worried about how my dress will fit, will he think I am fat?

Do you think I will get in to trouble? I am tweaking on the situation.

What will happen if the judge sends me to jail? I am a tweaker.
by kelsmaster August 09, 2009
Someone who Messes around with more than one person.
Christina had sex 5 Guys Last Night. She is Such A Tweaker!
by Mizzjas1802 October 13, 2010
A word used popularly in Philadelphia, Pa to describe female dogs who get “smutted” around by a group of men. The men are either friends, cousins or even siblings maybe complete strangers but that's rare with Tweaks. Tweakers are often exposed on the Tweaker List page via Facebook. Tweakers are not aware that they’re tweakers, until they appear on the Tweaker List. However, 99.9% are still in denial after being featured on every list. You can always find a Tweaker on Broad & Olney, King of Prussia, and Franklin Mills. They're in there like swimwear.
Girl: I'm not a tweak, I'm 15 years old and I let 5 guys hit.
I only sucked 14 dicks this year. Yes, I'm on the tweaker page, but these girls just hating on me because I had sexual intercourse with their boyfriends.

Boy: Your the true definition of a tweaker.
by Never Lying September 13, 2010
someone who abuses methamphatamine.

usually skinny because they dont eat.
dark circles under their eyes because they dont sleep.
can harldy stand because most of their blood viens have collpased from constant injecting,

they transform themselves into a hermit-like state and keep to themselves while trying to have a normal life.
kid 1: i think that jon is using meth.
Kid2: yeah i definatly think he is a tweaker
by lovebabefor April 08, 2009
1) A speed, or meth addict who has assumed the role of the drug, in other words, they lost their personality to the drug.
2) An ex- deadhead or hippie who has fried their brain and is now living in the small, paranoid world of warped memories of a mundane adolescence. They communicate by spreading urban legends as "amazing" inspirational stories that align with their perception of reality.
3) A stupid, spastic teen (or adult, but less common) that display ignorance and naivety with every action.
I was walking through the Haight the other day and was surrounded by tweakers.

I went to my high school reunion and the tweakers were still messed up in the head.
by stv October 05, 2004
A 'speed'/'crystalmeth' freak.
Tweaker's are 'tripped out' addicts who live for 'gas'/'ice' and party for days with no concept of time or the outside world.
"Val Kilmer play's his best role ever as a hardcore tweaker, a crystalmeth freak, in a great movie called 'The Salton Sea'."
by Diego August 18, 2003

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