Some one who does crystal aka tweak and has been up for days showing signs by talkng alot pacing around and fidgiting
"Damn Pavells A Tweaker now"
by Lisa April 09, 2004
a person who is addicted to meth...(drug)
that guy smoking that shit on the chair over their is a tweaker!
by lindsey_57 July 23, 2006
Methheads. Named for their twitchy, "tweaky" behavior.
"Those goddamned tweakers make me nervous to be around"
by Rokki J. Rand October 17, 2007
Typically someone who smokes/snorts/does meth. Some people who have tweaker habits but don't do meth may also be referred to as a tweaker. People who are constantly touching their face, or looking around like they think someone is watching. A tweaker can typically be one of two kinds. Either very loud, weird, unusually happy about everything (or sometimes even angry) and is that "in your face" kind of person. Or that guy sitting at the back of the bus with his hood on staring at everyone nervously because he thinks they all know he's high.
A tweaker downtown today tried to sell me meth! Can you believe that?
by LiaMiaLoshia December 12, 2014
A person who uses meth and staying awake for days at a time thinks their focused on there project usually something they think they can repair but in reallity they end up breaking it so the parts end up in a box with all the other tweaker parts
He has been up for days tweaking on electronic items , and hasnt fixed any of them , all he has now is a bunch of parts, he is such a tweaker.
by Kimberly Delgado July 10, 2006
a person who has been awake,on average,for about 2 weeks without sleeping because they've been abusing speedy drugs(usually,but not limited to:crystal methamphetamine)
this tweaker told me the only cure for coming down is more drugs.
by insanegerbil November 22, 2003
a tweaker is someone who has been doing Crystal Meth for a while and feens for it and is always twitching. Some one who is an addict for Meth.
L. - damn nigga YU're girl is a tweaker aint she?
P. - Ya im going to drop that bitch soon, she fucking up and be doing too much for the dopey
L. - oh, yah how much, give her my number in that case.
by baddxbxtchxdopey August 07, 2010

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