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delayed or postponed
we're gonna put the plans for the new place on ice for a little while.
by hipster November 19, 2004
A term added to the end of a derogatory noun, for emphasis.
Chirs describes himself as a freak on ice.
by Joe February 11, 2003
Just chillin'
Person 1: what you doin tonight?

Person 2: I'm on ice
by Simply S March 08, 2014
Strange slang meaning too good to be eaten.
RTFM, its not an acronym, its the LAW! says:
noes, you're too onice to eat baby
by Jack August 14, 2004
on drugs
larger than usual
more of something
Girl: "That gym is like a McDonald's playground on ice!"
by Colby Jane April 06, 2009
An alturnative way to describe something or someone as cool or chill. A compliment.
tommy: did you settle the deal with the cops?

jack: yeah man, consider it on ice.
by ill tmoney July 27, 2006