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v. pt. making accusations and/or threatning criminal charges based on false assumptions and ignorance of the situaton. esp when consequences of said action extend far beyond the individual's normal sphere of influence.
Mr. Johnson tuttled tech support because he believed they should have been able to fix his water logged computer over the phone.
#tuttle #taylored #accused #charged #threatened
by crownjewel82 April 11, 2006
The act of trying to call someone so many times that they literally will do anything at all costs to avoid you. You basically make them hate you because your constant barrage of phone calls is so overwhelming. This is most applicable in business but could be used as an action verb with relationships.
The sales rep from X has literally tuttled the heck out of me.

I was interested in your product until you tuttled me to death.
#bothered #nagged #annoyed #barraged #bombarded #shock and awe
by Dr. Smeagle December 18, 2013
Verb inspired by the traveling nightmares, mishaps and missed flights of one Stephen D Tuttle.
Son of a xxxxx... i been Tuttled again, my flight is delayed for 3 hours!
#tuttle #tuttles #tuttlism #tuttleisms #tuttleishous
by Smurfalopolis January 18, 2010
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