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Physical Training
Every morning at 5:30 we have to do PT.
by emsox January 31, 2004
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A military abbreviation for physical training, which can be anything from a series of push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, etc that is usually done in formation or with a group of other military personnell
"Our squad does PT right before revellie"
by Cory June 24, 2004
An abbreviation for Phantasy Tour, a message board created by and maintained by dirty Phish fans. There are other subsections in PT, such as Phantasy Bisco, Phantasy moe., etc.. But Phantasy Phish is the only one that really matters. It's addictive, pointless, and immature...but is one of the highest frequented free message boards on the web.
"I spent nearly 4 hours on PT this morning."
Did you hear the new Trey rumor from PT yesterday?"
by Anonymous465 May 25, 2005
Short for physical training
Term used in military, equivalent to working out in the civilian world, except its done in large groups, you have no say over the workout , and occasionally you get slayed by doing ridiculous exercises such as running endless miles with a tire or log on your back

Pt often occurred as early as 3am, so most of the time people just cheese dick it (bullshit it)
Marine #1: when is pt tomorrow?
Marine #2: I think its at 0330, combat conditioning , full cammies
Marine #1: god dammit, I guess I'll just cheese dick it as usual
by cheesedicker September 18, 2013
Phantasy Tour. Comes from the message board
I got into a fight on PT-Phish today with another PTer (one who posts on PT).

PT OWNZ YER FACE!!!!!!!!!!!
by PhantasyTour May 25, 2005
abbreviation for Pooping Time. Its like putting in OT at work, but pooping while at work. Hence, Pooping Time.
"Hey, you still on break?"

"Yeah, about to put in some PT."
by JerseyJackie February 09, 2010
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