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a fat short ill-tempered man who resembles a leprechaun
also a man obsessed with food
Woaw, did you see that fat short dude? He was such a tuttle.
by lskjxkgsahdflhaw April 21, 2008
The act of holding open the asshole and purring inside of it.
Dude, Reilly totally let me Tuttle her last night.
by Starlightlovesgirl September 22, 2014
A Hippie!
Dude, he plays disc golf, drink beer, and doesnt like to shower, he's such a Tuttle!!
by Fatty McCheesburger April 12, 2011
To follow another person or persons, speaking incessantly about one's own problems and issues despite the obvious disinterest of that person or persons.
I was totally tuttled by that annoying girl. She followed me around all day and wouldn't shut up!
by toadslick June 13, 2008
A unexperienced sexual device that has yet to be used around the male private area , It can be found amongst many gay couples and has been hinted out to be a top buy from many stores...
Like a Masculine Dildo it is commonly known as a Tuttle..
by Ian Huntlery June 05, 2010
1. To malfuntion
2.To be uncomfertable around women
3.To play WoW to an execive amount and loose all friends.
4. To be so computer oriented his friends need to get him a girl
Tyler was tuttleing today with Nia.
Tyler was a tuttleing fool.
Tyler stop tuttleing and get off the computer
An ill-fated layered food dish. A tuttle usually involves meat and bread layers, and may also contain an egg glaze. However, the primary defining characteristic of a tuttle is that its various ingredients clash, and it is only reluctantly consumed.
"Oh man, this Saracen Beef Tuttle is awful, why are there walnuts in it?!"
by Mess_iah August 29, 2006
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