a shit that knocks at your underpants.
i was pulled over for speeding and tried to explain that there was a turtle head bashing my underpants but the officer still booked me.
by that guy August 30, 2003
when you have to poo and it is poking in and out of the anus
I really should go to the bathroom I have a turtle head poking!!!
by Blake0815 May 09, 2007
A bowel movement that must be dealt with immediately. Giving the feeling or sensation that the tip of the fecal matter is beginning to protrude from the anus - like a turtle extending its head out from its shell.
I can't wait any longer. I am getting a turtle head - I have to go now!
by forwordfor June 12, 2009
1. The head of a turtle

2. The protruding end of a faeces out of somebody's anus prompting a rush to the toilet.
Jesus! I must go to the crapper. There's a turtlehead in me undercrakers!!
by BumCigar January 13, 2004
When a piece a shit comes very slightly out of your ass then goes back in, resembling a turtle poking its' head out of its' shell.
Bro! When that cop tased me I swear I got a little turtle head!
by currybomb July 28, 2010
The cone shaped end of a turd poking out the anus.
"First things first, where's your shitter? I've got a turtle head poking out."
by AgentSmith16 February 04, 2011
the little hard piece of shit at the very tip of ones butt hole
damn, i can't walk, i have a turtle head
by reyrey October 29, 2003

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