the little hard piece of shit at the very tip of ones butt hole
damn, i can't walk, i have a turtle head
by reyrey October 29, 2003
when you hold in your poop but it comes out a tiny bit. your butt is like the shell of a turtle and the poop is the head
man, i have a turtle head but there aren't any bathrooms here
by turtledude September 20, 2013
poo poking out your bum
oh my im touching cloth, i have a turtlehead
by The turtle heads. February 04, 2011
The head of a turtle.
"See that big lump on the neck of that turtle, my son? That's a turtle head."
by Commissioner Bumhead May 06, 2005
(Chinese English) A penis, especially with its foreskin.
Is it true white boys don't have turtle head?
by davarinofuntucson June 13, 2013
When the head of a penis resembles a baby turtle's head. Usually very common in African Americans as well as smaller people.
Wow look at Josh's penis, he's got a turtle head.
by A.M.R April 17, 2011
the result of you having to poo reelie bad, so that the poop is actually coming out of the rectal area before you've reached a proper waste facility aka a restroom aka THE CRAPPER!
"shiittt mannnn, you gunna pull over at this next rest stop... i gutta poo soo bad!! seriously dude, i'm turtle headin' this shit!!"
by Koala Beer June 30, 2005
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