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Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, aka "Turtle Head", poked out momentarily from intense deliberations with Senate Democrats, to announce that a budget deal had yet to be reached.
by Fishsticks Wilson January 22, 2013
6 1
The head of a turtle.
"See that big lump on the neck of that turtle, my son? That's a turtle head."
by Commissioner Bumhead May 06, 2005
83 79
poo poking out your bum
oh my im touching cloth, i have a turtlehead
by The turtle heads. February 04, 2011
26 24
when you hold in your poop but it comes out a tiny bit. your butt is like the shell of a turtle and the poop is the head
man, i have a turtle head but there aren't any bathrooms here
by turtledude September 20, 2013
1 0
(Chinese English) A penis, especially with its foreskin.
Is it true white boys don't have turtle head?
by davarinofuntucson June 13, 2013
1 0
When the head of a penis resembles a baby turtle's head. Usually very common in African Americans as well as smaller people.
Wow look at Josh's penis, he's got a turtle head.
by A.M.R April 17, 2011
6 5
the result of you having to poo reelie bad, so that the poop is actually coming out of the rectal area before you've reached a proper waste facility aka a restroom aka THE CRAPPER!
"shiittt mannnn, you gunna pull over at this next rest stop... i gutta poo soo bad!! seriously dude, i'm turtle headin' this shit!!"
by Koala Beer June 30, 2005
28 28