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When your penius shrinks back up towards the body due to the cold enviroment.
Ohhhh damn I got a scared turtle when that fat bitch Nicole tried to pick me up.
by Ohhhh Donny August 18, 2007
When you really need to poop but your turd pulls a scared turtle and barely pokes out.
man I wish I didn't have a scared turtle right now
by anonymous551 May 18, 2015
When a penis gets cold and hides for a while
"This water is making me pull a scared turtle"
by Phillip cobra September 16, 2014
When a turd just pokes its head out but then gets sucked right back in a seeming vortex because of the speed with which it moves.
I tried to take a dump after lunch today but all I got was a scared turtle. Now I'm constipated.
by wipe my butt March 18, 2005

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