When one is finished masurbating or having sex, and they don't "wash-up" the head of their penis will form a protective coat of dried semen over time. Effectively creating a "Turtle-Head".
"Man that guy in the showers had a mad Turtle-Head".
by GuyThatChaffesInYourPool July 28, 2014
Used when describing an intense need to crap.
Hurry up and stop at a bathroom, I've got a turtle head.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
When you cna't hold a cramp anymore and the very tip of it comes out like a turtlehead"
"I need a bathroom, like now, it's turtleheading."
by ammre August 31, 2003
When a guy wears pants that are too tight for him and his pee-pee makes an outline in his pants giving the illusion of a turtle popping out of his shell
Guys shouldn't wear spandex pants, no broad thinks turtle head is hot
by The Big Topper June 10, 2010
what would be call the "head" of the terd poking out just to annoy you until you make it to the bathroom
I had a mean turtle head today since I didn't want to shit in the bathrooms at work.
by Fat Bastard August 07, 2002
a popping turd out of the anus screaming and punishing you because you didnt take the time to shit this morning
whats his problem today? i dunno. he must have a turtle head
by dundlegrundleberrycherry February 25, 2003
When you moon someone and do a fart and a piece of shit sticks out then pops back.
Turtle Head
by Teadrinker May 20, 2009

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