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place for the penis to go when a girl is on her period (see also dadonkadonk)
mary was on her period, so i banged her in the butthole
by james walsh April 07, 2003
1493 397
a place to surf, naturally.
I surfed suzie's butthole.
by buzz osbourne April 28, 2003
600 349
A nice alternative to asshole, when you want to say to someone that he is an asshole, but you don't want it to sound too rude or inapropriate.
-Johnny, you're an asshole.
-What! I'm an asshole?! Well, fuck you!

-Johnny, you're a butthole!
-I'm a WHAT?
-A butthole.
-Hehehe, I sure am, ain't I?
by Urban_Fellow June 02, 2007
487 284
a turd's crib. when they get too old and heavy, they get evicted and sometimes emit uncalled-for sounds and odors in protest.
Caveman: My butt have hole in it. Hoo-hoo-hoo, me call it, "butt hole". Garrrrrrrr
by hoosaam October 08, 2003
268 127
the untamed hole directly in the center of the booty, also known as the anus Mctanus.
its not a holebutt, its a butthole
by mike schimdt December 12, 2003
336 251
The little, tight, but moist hole in between your butt cheeks that is used to stick things in like penises and Tim`s dad`s hand.
Tim`s dad totally stuck his whole hand in my butthole last band practice.
by Aarons Mom March 19, 2007
264 196
1. Any group of people that generally lack talent, humor, modesty, intelligence, or any related qualities of otherwise normal people.

2. Used as a slightly less meaningful but more conversationally appropriate term for assholes.

3. The holes in butts.
I was looking for a good boulder for Dinosaur Sex in the woods when some buttholes were blasting Counting Crows on their radio. I pushed my ear-buttons to keep out the wretched garbage-noise.
by Barnaby J. July 10, 2008
68 12