another word for vagina/pussy
yeah..... john came over and played with my turtle
by Tristan June 18, 2006
what elderly women call the coochie
"Look at lil Sussy, giving up her turtle to them fast lil boyz"
by Shorty February 23, 2005
a cute nickname for slow walking cute individuals.
She is so damn tutles.
Ahhh... yu so cute turtles.
Em is a turtle
by Dill October 29, 2003
slang for marijuana
"we call it turtle, cause its green and makes you move slow"
by kalirasta March 03, 2004
Almost the Riffin, but not quite.
"Your'e not Riffin, but yehr Turtle"
by Riffin October 03, 2003
when your fucking a girl from behind, you throw a blanket over her head, when she peeks out to see whats going on you punch her in the back of the head. she then retreats under the blanket like a turtle into its shell
shut up girl before i pull a turtle on your ass
by got your mom from behind March 02, 2005
A really cute guy; a hot person.
"Woha! Look at that turtle!!"
by Andrea and Chelsea July 28, 2005

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