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Someone who is obsessed with air-ride technologies... and things that are FUCKING EXTREME like mini truckin, shavin badges, drinkin 40's, scraping, dragging....
Tom says: "Raaawwwr I want fucckin bags, it would be so fucking extremely extreme"

Skip says: "quit being such a turtle, you never had your bags... you never had your truck.. damn lame asses, where did i find my friends..."
by Rob DuBroc October 31, 2005
girl that gets banged by 3 dudes, all wholes filled at once
courtney is a very dirty trutle, she loves turtles. walk around in group of 3s n ur turn might come up
by bdawg March 22, 2004
Of African descent; black person.
yo that turtle stole my bike!
by nananananana January 10, 2006
my boyfriend for 9 months now...
Daniel, the most slinkster cool guy in Rutherford County
by Emma Jean July 17, 2004
A bitch ho.
Shawn Morrish is a turtle.
by Kevin Costner January 19, 2004
unicorn venus penticle
because google definitions says so
by shlack a flak April 29, 2005