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To take product or products(drugs),and sell it/them for a profit.
Take this Shit to 7th and West and Flip it...
by Pokerpro158 August 02, 2006
to flip ones hair in order to fix and or make it look better
Hannah:Aleck! Flip it!
by HeadcrabSappinMySentry?!?!?! July 05, 2009
To record something using a Flip video camera. Usually used among YouTubers.
When I meet Will Smith, I'm totally gonna flip it and put it on Facebook.
by pattie pottie June 28, 2010
An exclamation used when one makes a shot in beer pong telling the other team to drink it and flip it.
(after making a cup)Flip it Bob!
by RdDrtTrc October 09, 2007
To turn a insult back on the person who says it.
man1: Dude, your a moron!

man2: Flip it!(No, your the moron!)
by Todd Vaughn December 18, 2003
To use when saying goodbye; abbreviated version of "catch you on the flip side"
Jack: That was a fun adventure we just had!

Steve: Yes! But now I must embark on another one. I will see you tomorrow.

Jack: Sweet, dude, flip it.

Steve: Flip it.
by Egging July 11, 2005