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The delicate moments right before one really, really has to take a shit, where the shit is literally poking its head out of the sphincter then quickly hiding inside again.
Man, on the drive home from Disneyland, I had to take a serious shit; I was totally turtling.
by Chris November 17, 2003
In video games it means two things.

For turned based strategy games, it means to keep your units together usually in or near their default positions on the map and use defensive tactics such as attacking only when the enemy is near you, using defend commands or other units to defend each other, etc.

In fighting games, it means to keep defending and block all of your enemies attacks untill there is an opportunity to strike.

Basically, in both cases it's using defense/blocking untill you have a good opportunity to make an action or attack your enemy.
"I just beat Nightmare Geese in Real Bout Fatal Fury! He was tough, but I blocked his attacks with my turtling skills and then attacked when I had the opportunity."

"In Front Mission in the 2nd or so battle against Driscoll's forces, I turtled and didn't move my units then attacked as soon as the enemy came near by"
by mikepantz012 November 11, 2005
The act of the male penis shrinking in horror and retreating into the abdomen whenever danger is present or a very unpleasant, anti-arousing thought is experienced. Much the same way a turtle retracts it's head into it's shell when faced with danger.
The thought of Brandy nekkid makes me turtle up big time.
by 03Mach1 August 25, 2005
(v.) The act of taking one's backpack, emptying the contents, flipping the backpack inside-out, putting the contents back in, and zipping the backpack up.

The act of turning one's backpack inside out. Typically done to a classmate when he/she is zoned out, or just very involved in the lesson that day.

A very funny practical joke, that will be appearing in the 2014 Olympics as Speed Turtling.

Usually done by ninja-like people, who are adept in the art of stealth. If the turtlee happens to catch the turtler in the act, the turtler has to return the contents of the backpack to their original state.
*reaches for a pencil* "Dude, what happened to my backpack?"

"I don't know man, looks like you got turtled! Haha!"

"What the heck is that??"

"Can't you see your backpack? Looks like that ninja kid in the back of class has done some turtling..."

*struggles to get pencil*
by ghetto blonde band geek March 31, 2010
When you have to poop so bad that it's practically coming out and hard to tighten the sphincter muscle to keep it in.
Leigh was turtling but she had to wait for the guests to leave before she rushed to the bathroom.
by audvisartist July 22, 2008
When a chubby dog is laying on his back to get belly rubs, then hears something and gets excited, and tries to get up really fast but can't because he is too fat and has stubby legs. This results in a lot of flailing around and squirming back and forth (which he does in an effort to get enough traction or momentum to flip back around). Doing this, the dog resembles a turtle that has fallen on its back, unable to flip itself right-side-up.
I was giving my dog belly rubs and then he heard you come in and he started turtling!
by CeraWithaC May 09, 2015
Verb. To hide ones head in a shirt, sweater, or blanket. Can involve also laying in fetal position. Happens when someone is extremely uncomfortable.
Samie: Kelly and Abbie were fighting right in front of me and I don't like confrontation.
Mary Madison: What did you do?
Samie: I did the only thing I could do, I began turtling.
by campooledidit December 05, 2013
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