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1) A phrase which is used to express disgust towards a person. Not to be mistaken with monkey turd. A turd monkey is generally someone who annoys or disgusts you, but can be used on anyone who generally pisses you off.
2) A statue of a monkey made out of a turd.
1) "You complete and utter turd monkey."
2) "That's a good turd monkey there, Stan."
by Stephen W. Thomas October 12, 2004
In Quebec, the ape who follows the first monkey and the second monkey.
We liked de first two monkeys, but de turd monkey trew de sheet at us.
by Lordofspam September 24, 2008
one part poop, one part primate
that woman is a real turdmonkey
by Brad F September 25, 2006
a complete idiot.
someone who is practically dumber than a loaf o' bread
A meanie
"Frag You!"XD

"Oh, you turd-monkey!!!" >:O
by prep-hater :DDD yaaaa August 26, 2008
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