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Brock Lesnar's signature move when he picks them up on his shoulder and the person does a 90 degree spin
My friend got a F-5 for being a dickhead motherfucka
by Birdkilla05 November 12, 2003
a person who acts like they are slick but they are retarted as fuck and they are really gay
Steven is a Turd Pie Monkey
by Birdkilla05 October 08, 2003
a person who is gay or retarted
Terence is a Willie Chester
by Birdkilla05 October 27, 2003
a dumbass who acts like they are the smartest person in the world knowing they are a piece of shit to everyone else and they are also dumb as hell
Steven and this boy named Ross are some Turkey Neck Molesters
by Birdkilla05 October 08, 2003
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