A turbo is defined as a person who in previous high school years was quite, and maybe a hard worker. But since graduating into university has become a loud, alcohol induced, obnoxious freak.
Wow that med student is a massive turbo
Marisa, you turbo, sort your life out.
by Magical Horse November 05, 2010

When you lean forward while riding your scooter and you fart and yell "TURBO".

(It really makes you go faster! Try it.)
I on my Yamaha Vino racing my friend on his Honda Rukus and I pulled a Turbo! and passed him.
by bard of bc August 11, 2006
a method of smoking a joint using a plastic bottle, a hole is burnt into the bottom section of the bottle on the side using a lighter, two more holes may be burnt into the top section of the bottle if the stoner wishes to "shotgun" the turbo. the stoner or another stoner with them sucks on the usual opening of the bottle gently after the roach of a joint is placed into the lowermost hole to make smoke rise slowly into the bottle, this is known as "pulling" the turbo, a slow riser may be pulled where the only wise thing to do is "shotgun" the turbo. a slow riser may be identified by smoke that appears liquid... yes, i'm a stoner :D dedicated to you scholey, from tatters aka brett aka twattersfield
scholey pulled me slow-riser, i shotgunned that bitch and it fucked me up i just dropped the turbo on the floor and spaced out.
by scholey's apprentice September 18, 2010
The greatest rugby team in the world. Hail from the great Manawatu
Fuck the Turbos are mean.
The Turbos fuuuucked Hawkes Gay up.
Green and white, green and white, Turbos!
by manawatustuakaturboman September 22, 2010
A word used to describe a situation which has gone 'out of control' and potentially dangerous.
"This shits gone turbo biatch"
by Goatie123 February 13, 2014
a half Smirnoff ice half cold shot drink mix that gets you ridiculously drunk.
look at that guy over there i saw him drink some turbos and he cant even walk.
by stinkyboxers July 24, 2011
To go ham and to drink all the drinks on the table. To rage and to keep drinking.
Michelle pulled a turbo from the jenga set. Looks like it's going to be a blackout night for her!
by Sshi711 May 04, 2014
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