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A Spanish woman with the face of a moth and the voice of a chipmonk.

Tom Cruise pays her to date him so people wont find out that he's gay.
Billy: Hey Wendy do you wanna go see that Penelope Cruz movie tonight?
Wendy: No, Billy, I'm scared of moths.
by tantypig June 12, 2004
A gorgeous and awesome actor, famous for being best friends with Ben Affleck and winning an Oscar for writing "Good Will Hunting".
When Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have sex, Matt Damon is always on top cuz he's the coolest.
by tantypig June 12, 2004
Somebody who is getting a little bit carried away.
If some guy tries to take your pants off after you've only been making out for thirty seconds, you say "EASE UP, TURBO!!!"
by tantypig June 12, 2004
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