really nice tits
Person 1: look at Kiersten's boobs
Person 2: ya she's got great Turbos
by hali22 April 22, 2009
Marijuana with cocaine on it.
I smoked a fat l of turbo and went killed people.
by Mike Robinson April 23, 2003
codename for black man or nigga, when one might be present
bgun: "Yo, man there be a gang of turbos at this KFC!"
kona: ":Yea man, turbos love their big fried breast."

by bgun May 09, 2008
Addition of Smirnoff Ice to a beverge. Originally derived from Turbo Shandy; shandy made with Smirnoff Ice instead of lemonade.
Also used as an alias for Smirnoff Ice.
Let's Turbo this round.
Why don't we buy some Turbo?
by Tight Pants March 04, 2005
Universal superlative adjective, also synonymous with "cool"
We need to get some turbo hot chicks in here.
by Big Tim July 31, 2003
noun- Derogatory term towards retarded people.
Yo man look at that turbo try to dive into the pool!

That turbos diving? I thought he fell in!
by jackHole48 April 04, 2003
Someone who is a total douchbag but does not realize it. Also tends to be socially retarded in most cases. They generally are hated by co-workers and family. They have no friends.
At the meeting today Katie made a real ass out of herself. I didn't know she was such a turbo. No wonder she doesn't have any friends.
by tractorparts July 10, 2008
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