A Girl who is exceptionally cool, who enjoys techno. who is also super cute, and nice.
Also one who is just fun to be around.
One who makes you smile by just being there.
One who is so awesome, you can't help but think, "wow this person is awesome!"
One who can make your heart smile.
Sometimes can be really mean but is only kidding most of the time.
A good name to call someone...
Boy: "Hey Turbo!"
Girl:"what does that even mean?"
Boy:"Don't worry about it"
Boy:"Lol, turbo...=)"
by Igot A, Nine July 18, 2008
Another term to describe one who is trying to hard.
It can also be used as a title.
That guy was so turbo.

That guy is the Turbo of Basketball
by djraife November 28, 2005
A "turbo" is a rolled blunt laced with coke and weed
1. Yo Kevin let me hit that turbo?
2. Pass that turbo over here.
3. Hold on im rolling a turbo
by Fantini October 01, 2007
A FUCKING SLUT THAT YOU GET IN BED IN LESS THEN A NIGHT AFTER MEETING, they are ussually drunk or just a pure slut

This is the offical defination
This chick in H-town was a fucking turbo, we shagged and i still didn't catch her name.
by READAAR March 07, 2006
Excellent, first rate.
Used by the elite uber hipsters in urban areas.
That concert was totally turbo!
Where did you get that turbo jacket?
by sthnickaman March 17, 2004
n e thing good. anova word for heavy.
oooo thats turbo man!
by turbo man December 15, 2003
deftly cramming ones thumb up an unsuspecting person's ass (usually though the trousers) causing them to leap up or forward in 'turbo' mode.
by matt April 17, 2003

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