Top Definition
to cuddle with more meaning
we tuddled last night
by turbopants November 20, 2006
to take ones time, a slow walk, a person who takes ones time is therefore a tuddler
I am going to take a tuddle down to the shops
by Steve Watts October 16, 2006
A verb describing a situation in which one epically fails a physical task at hand. Sometimes results in injury.
Jack totally tuddled out on the rail that he tried to grind,and he fell on his head.
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
A cuddle from a tubby or large gentleman
Mark is the best at giving a Tuddle
by Emma24 August 24, 2007
Literally means "Cuddles"... Invented by Steph cos she didn't like the world cuddles. Word is now spreading as far as Luton..yipee...
Love you Stephy, Tuddles Babez!
by DVMediaChris June 22, 2005
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