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meaning something is over, done with, finished.
It's a wrap!
by Verse June 27, 2004
Burritos for white people.
Jennifer, could you order me a ham and cheese wrap?
by richard2345645 July 12, 2005
a tobacco paper just for blunts there is no tobacco to scoop out
The wrap is the Chronic.
by tanisha June 13, 2003
A small folded piece of paper containing Speed or some other powdered drug.
I can do you a wrap for 10.
by flame August 29, 2003
Another way to say making out, or w.e else is included. Usually said by friends near by the couple while in action, or encouraging them.

Could also be another way to say a hot girl, though it's usually the general hook up

Not like the food, or phrase 'thats a wrap'.
Do you want some fries with that wrap?

Lay that wrap!

Yo braa nice wrap

Sean (as he watches tommy hook up): Damn.. he got a nice wrap right there
Mal (also watching): Yeah that was my wrap last friday
Sean: Yeah i know, I saw

btw.. the above dialogue shows how those catholic school boys all hu with the same girls, and how sean is always the one watching. Oh & that tommys always layin wraps
by Ohheyydontgetmadd November 14, 2010
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