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German for "Lol"

Internet abbreviation meaning "Laughing Out Loud"

In German: Heraus Loud Lachen
Person 1: Ich fiel gerade weg von meinem Stuhl!

Person 2: hll!!!
by DVMediaChris June 22, 2005
The aim high project employed by some schools...to try and get delinquent chavs to aim higher in life. Totally pointless and a waste of tax payers money. Most of the little fucks only go on it to get on the annual trip to somewhere like a theme park.
Chav: "I iz on the aim higher thing in it. it'z cos i iz special mofo. You aint on it cos you aint special like i am."

Ordinary Citizen: "Fuck off you chavscum cunt"
by DVMediaChris June 22, 2005
Literally means "Cuddles"... Invented by Steph cos she didn't like the world cuddles. Word is now spreading as far as Luton..yipee...
Love you Stephy, Tuddles Babez!
by DVMediaChris June 22, 2005
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