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5 definitions by Sam_R_I

A slang term for a group of people who stand on objects, like chairs and stools, to get a better view of their surroundings. Usually occurs in lunch rooms when a special event is taking place. Standing in a group, they look like a pack of meerkats.
"Look at those meerkats standing on their lunch stools."
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
Money that one receives for a special occasion or holiday. They then refuse to pay someone back with that money out of pure greed. Usually is found in the pockets of a bjornson.
"I can't pay you back with my gift money, my mom gave it to me for Columbus Day."
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
An obese person who displays sloth, gluttony, and greed. They are fans of McDonald's, Big Gulps, naps, and gift money. Derived from the last name Bjornson, which means son of bear in Norweigan.
Tim is such a bjornson, because he ate pizza while everyone else worked.
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
A verb describing a situation in which one epically fails a physical task at hand. Sometimes results in injury.
Jack totally tuddled out on the rail that he tried to grind,and he fell on his head.
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008
A nickname for someone who is constantly on their cell phone, either talking or texting.
"Hollywood over here's been talking on his phone all day."
by Sam_R_I March 04, 2008