leveraging the reciever of oral sex to transition to a rim job. it is called this because the twisted body parts resemble a trombone
i surprised my gal when i was eating her and i pushed her leg back and licked her ass and her contorted body made me think i was playing the trombone
by akajax September 23, 2008
Trombone \Trom“bone\, n.
It., aug. of tromba a trumpet: cf. F
Def: A Manually operated, wind driven pitch approximator.
Near the fall of the Roman Empire, a plumber named Spitius Maximus was commissioned by Romulus Augustus H.R.I.C. to create a device that would quickly remove bilge water from the hulls of the Roman warships when in battle. It's slide-like probe would suck up bilge water which was then emptied into goat skin vessels through a "Spit Valve", (named after the inventor), then carried to the deck in the trousers of workers and dumped over the side. These workers were called "sidemen" but because the vessels of bilge under their pants made them appear to have massive drooping buttocks, huge cheeks that would sway back and forth with the rocking of the ship, they became known as "Sackbuts". Treated with much disrespect, the Sackbuts became increasingly angry and soon refused to work, tossing all of their slush pumps into the sea.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, medieval treasure hunters recovered 76 of these pumps and, believing them to be musical instruments, started a village band for boys known as the "76 Sackbuts". As music became more sophisticated, the 27 position design of the Sackbut proved too clumsy to execute the faster passages being written so, over the years, the horn was streamlined into a more agile 7 position horn and renamed the Slide Trombone.

Although the instrument has changed little since then, a more permissive, forgiving and politically correct society has lowered the bar of musical expectations. As a result the Trombone is now more commonly known as a "manually operated, wind driven pitch approximator".
by Bumper T Shirtstickers January 19, 2008
1. A girl who use's both hands to suck you off.
Damn, Melissa Gave Me That Trombone Last Night Seriously!

1. She gave me some good head last night!

2. She swallowed everything!

3. She sucked me off properly!

4. She's very educated, she gives good brain

5. She kept sucking me off light a newborn baby on a bottle.
by LargeAmounts June 01, 2009
A sexy woman licking the asshole of a man while jack him off.
I ask the girlfriend to give me a "trombone" before dinner.
by Gemini S.Jones May 17, 2007
A slide whistle with delusions of grandeur.
"What's that you playing son, some kind of slide whistle-paperclip?"
"Nope, its a trombone. Best brass instrument ever created."
"I still think its a slide whistle."
by Quarter Mex w/ Cheese June 08, 2005
giant paperclip. with a slidey thing..
play trombone. it's good for you.
by bonerXchick March 03, 2005
A sexual technique usually used by homosexuals (or benders). Male1 kneels behind male2 and inserts his tongue into male1's anus. Simultaneously he jerks male1's beef bayonet causing immense pleasure (or so i've heard)
1) I got a brown tongue from too much tromboning
2)I think i'll start giving trombone lessons
3)I hate emo's (especially kirsty)
by Raameo January 25, 2005

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