the perfectest instrment in the band/orcastra, better than all of those evil gay instruments
trombones rock the world!
by Larissa February 16, 2005
the best part of the band that doesn't make mistakes and mostly is the party section and they no who boss
Person:this group is the more party group then playing but they always get the work done

Trombone Player:hm it might be the baritones wait no

Person:its the trombone section


by Trombonie August 22, 2008
The trombone is the only instrument with a (non-tuning) slide, used to change the note and tuning. In theory, a good trombone player should be able to maintain perfect pitch forever, adjusting the position of the slide very slightly as well as flexing their embouchure. The trombone has been scientifically proven to be the loudest wind instrument, capable of overplaying, individually, 3 trumpets, 7 tubas, 40 clarinets, 4 horn players, and sometimes (depending on the players) the entirety of the orchestra.

By other band members, trombones/trombonists are often thought to be a) bad players, b) bad instruments, and/or c) selfish jerks. A is often used when around beginners; it is often hard to adjust to the slide and similar. As for tone, one can't account for everyone's tastes, but those who enjoy trombone sounds praise what they say is a mellow, brassy yet sweet sound accomplished by those proficient with the instrument. See the above for an explanation of beginning sounds. For C, trombones aren't the ones causing that, so please take your insults elsewhere.

As to players themselves, many say they enjoy the playing of the instrument because, firstly, it is, again, the loudest instrument, excepting percussion, etc., secondly, it has an interesting sound, unlike that of trumpets or woodwinds, and lastly, because it is simply fun to wave the slide around and pretend you are shooting a Nerf gun at the conductor.
1. On the night before the concert, I had to practice my trombone part so I could be sure I would play well.

2. The marching band cringed when the trombone players came out, blasting their parts as loudly as their lungs would allow.
by funnyfavorer101 December 04, 2013
A musical instrument of the brass family. The word, Trombone, is Italian for large trumpet. Although, instead of valves, it uses a slide to change the pitch.
The trombone can be heard very well in Mahler's 3rd symphony.
by mhett August 29, 2009
It's anallingus, with a tug job.
Trombone is something you would remember if you had one.
by TyphoonSexDr? July 20, 2011
N. 1) A brass instrument with a slide mechanism rather than valves. This results in much greater freedom with articulation. It also produces a much freer tone quality, however, it does slightly inhabit playing at blazing speeds (though virtuosi such as Christian Lindberg have enough skill to play anything they wish). Also known as the greatest instrument ever. The trombone has the most vocal quality of any instrument, and is also exceptional at loud, brazen playing. Played by a trombonist.
2) A dildo.
V. To engage in sexual activity using a dildo (also abreviated "bone")
1) "Listen to that beautiful trombone playing!"
2) "Cree wanted to fuck his girl, but he was to small, the dude used a trombone!"
3) "my girl tromboned me last night and my ass is still sore.
by tromboner88 April 03, 2008
To fuck someone with tremendous vigor and zeal.
"Oh, yeah, Kimmie, I'm gonna trombone you until you can't walk straight for a week!"

"Did you hear about Zack? And how he gave Alexa the Tromboning of a lifetime? It's so sick."
by DisasterGrind July 24, 2009

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