Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can.
Guy: "I just found the coolest ninja pencil in existence."
Other Guy: "I just found the most retarded thread in existence."
Verb: To push a trolley.
Did you see that old lady trolling through the train station? She musta been carrying a metric crapload of luggage.
by dominicthemasterofall78 May 26, 2012
the act of rolling in a car, smoking weed and cigarettes in the back preferably through a ghetto area of town after sunset.
ayy I gotta dime dude lets go T Rolling
by Jwaffl3 August 25, 2008
A combination of the acts of tripping on LSD and rolling on MDMA (Molly), otherwise known as candy flipping
That concert was so sick me and my friends trolled so hard

I'm trolling so hard right now dude.

I'm trolling face and I love my life!!!
by trippface April 18, 2012
you know that douche-bag under the bridge that wouldn't let people through? well trolling emulates that. also the world is flat and aliens account for all the unexplained things, like gravity. trolling is the one true path to seeing past all the education that's supposed to help us. i mean come on, what the fuck is up with the concept of money?! if i give you one paper money, i should get one paper money back. so if i give you paper with Abe on it, i expect any other celebrity (Abe Lincoln is secretly a singer). i think i like George Washington the best though. don't go and like try to spread this truth. seriously, don't... unless your a ginger with soul... but that's impossible cuz gingers have no soul. trolling is the noble art. don't abuse it, kinda like you shouldn't abuse hookers.
by smurfkiller1234 March 20, 2012
Mainly being mean... Its hard to explain but here's a video of tips and tricks on how to troll people!

"Haha is a good website!"

"Do you like the Trolling section?"

"Lol Yes!"

Me too look at this other website just like it!
by Troll on November 06, 2011
The act of searching for abnormally short men with body shapes akin to trolls. Trolling is done by single urban women wearing fanciful outfits in order to win the eye of the shortest male possible.

Because of the troll's lack of height, striking shoes are of the utmost importance.

Footnote: Trolling is enhanced by warm weather and latin music.
Mary: Let's dress up and go trolling on Union.

Katherine: We should go to the Marina- it's teeming with trolls!

Andre: And, it's the perfect weather to get raped! Count me in!
by DrDrea September 29, 2011

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