An act of being a bum on the Internet. Its usually when someone tricks people or a person into doing something, usually followed by a trollface.
Josh: Bruh, I just noscoped a bum.

Sean: Hang on, Im trolling somebody with a fake $500,000 sweepstakes. Just waiting fo a trollface to pop up on the noob's screen!
by The Master of All Definitions August 21, 2016
Making a statement or a video that with the deliberate intention of provoking an argument or fishing for negative comments.
A few ways of trolling as a youtube content producer include effective use of bluffing, pranking, spoofing, & sarcasm, such as using hyperbole (lHateEverything), pretending to be dumb & illiterate (Our Third Life, TheGamerFromMars, & the author of My Immortal), or acting in a derogatory entitled manner (SammyClassicSonicFan & SuperMineCraftKid). The better your acting skills are, the more likely viewers are to be fooled into thinking it's genuine & make posts pointing out how stupid & wrong you are. Another method wildly used by 4chan is to get people's hopes up with a negative outcome, such as creating believable adds for a new console or fake tips to fix a phone or console that ultimately ends up breaking the device.
by ThatEvilRedhead April 03, 2016
(Verb) pronounciation ( tro-ll-en ) Cyber stalking multiple pages; part of daily routine to scroll through social media; reading articles only to look through the comments section; looking around only being nosey online.
Why are so quiet on your phone?
Just trolling my news feed looking for something funny
by Bookworm30 September 27, 2015
An art involving getting the largest reaction from the most obvious- but not offensive- comments, without the victim realising you are a troll.
The best forms of trolling include (recieving abuse for):
- asking blatantly stupid questions
-giving blatantly bad advise
-posting blatantly incorrect answers to questions

The worst forms of non-trolling include:
-flaming (abuse and insults)
-extremist views
by Gregious November 01, 2014
The art of deliberately and/or cleverly pissing people off or riling people up, in person or on the internet.

A form of entertainment frequently used by visitors of Fire Island, New York.
"Jason is SUCH a troll," said Alana to her friends Aviva and Zach. He loves trolling 7 year olds and fellow redheads on Fire Island.

I see a man coming. Too Much Trolling! TMT! TMT!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by hipster101 May 27, 2014
'Imma do shit just to piss them off'- Hoodie Allen
Person 1: what is trolling?
Person 2: *puts on No Interrution//Hoodie Allen*
Hoodie: imma do shit just to piss them off
Person 1: thank you I have been enlightened
by pandapops November 26, 2013
you know that douche-bag under the bridge that wouldn't let people through? well trolling emulates that. also the world is flat and aliens account for all the unexplained things, like gravity. trolling is the one true path to seeing past all the education that's supposed to help us. i mean come on, what the fuck is up with the concept of money?! if i give you one paper money, i should get one paper money back. so if i give you paper with Abe on it, i expect any other celebrity (Abe Lincoln is secretly a singer). i think i like George Washington the best though. don't go and like try to spread this truth. seriously, don't... unless your a ginger with soul... but that's impossible cuz gingers have no soul. trolling is the noble art. don't abuse it, kinda like you shouldn't abuse hookers.
by smurfkiller1234 March 20, 2012
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